Further Reading - Postgraduate Education

Further Reading - Postgraduate Education

Canadian practices related to the examination of PhD theses
Fred L. Hall, University of Calgary, Canada

Challenges to Innovation in Graduate Education
Synopsis of the International Conference of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies;
November 2-5, 2005; Toronto, Canada

A Profile of Master's Degree Education in Canada
CAGS, December 2006

Doctoral Education in Canada 1900 – 2005
CAGS, September 2005

Gradate Studies: A Practical Guide
A guide for students, faculty and others involved in graduate studies

FAZ Article
on studying in Montreal, Canada
Faz Article

Towards a Gobal PhD - Forces & Forms in Doctoral Education worldwide
Nerad, Maresi & Heggelund, Mimi. Eds. Chapter 12 'Canada' by Garth Williams 
pp 249-277 University of Washington Press Seattle 2008

The Doctorate Worldwide
Powell, Stuart & Green, Howard. Eds Chapter 10 -
 Doctoral education in Canada: a valued national product facing the challenges of 
institutional differentiation' by Louis Maheu. 
Pp 120-132 McGraw Hill England 2007


Doctoral Education and the Workings of Canadian Graduate Schools: 
a differentiated tier within Canadian universities facing the challenges of tension-driven function 
by Louis Maheu. 
Higher Education in Europe , Vol 33, No. 1, April 2008.


Global Perspectives on Graduate Education - Proceedings of the Strategic Leaders 
Global Summit on Graduate Education
Council of Graduate Schools , Washington 2008


HRK- Beiträge zur Hochschulpolitik 7/2007 
"Quo vadis Promotion? Doktorandenausbildung in Deutschland im Spiegel internationaler Erfahrungen

"Die verschulte Promotion - Graduiertenkollegs für alle: Doktorarbeiten im stillen Kämmerlein sollen bald nicht mehr möglich sein" (06.06.2008) 

"Doktor Elite - Betreut und kontrolliert: Wie Graduiertenschulen Nachwuchsforscher zum Erfolg führen" (07.11.2007) 

"Doktoranden kritisieren den Trend zum Kolleg á la Bologna": (6.10.2006) 

"Keine Verschulung der Promotion in den Ingenieurwissenschaften!" (15.05.2007)

Bauhaus Universität Weimar
Workshop "Trans- und interdisziplinäre Graduiertenschulen in Deutschland"

European University Association (EUA)
"Doctoral Programmes in Europe's Universities: Achievements and Challenges"
Report prepared for European Universities and Ministers of Higher Education 

Bundesbericht zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses 

Für den Doktortitel in die Schule
Aus Handelsblatt, vom 01.08.2008 
Junge Karriere


The University of Glasgow 's award winning postgraduate journal

The Robert's Report: Set for Success

The Joint Statement of Skills Training Requirements
Produced in 2001 by the UK Research Councils in collaboration with UK GRAD and the HE sector to identify the competencies that a postgraduate student should have at the end of their PhD. 

Umbrella Graduate Training Programme with UK wide remit, with new researcher development organization, VITAE, launched in Summer 08

Phipps, Alison 'Making Academics: Work in Progress' in Barnett, R. (ed.) 
Reshaping the University: New Relationships between Research, Scholarship and Teaching. 136-150, Buckingham: Open University Press/McGraw Hill.2005.


Kenneth E. Redd. Ph.D. Completion Project: Analysis of Baseline Program Data . 
Council of Graduate Schools Communicator: Volume 40, Number 10, December 2007.
(Contains data summaries about time to degree and various issues related to completion)


Lisbeth Borbye. PSM Program Assessment from all Perspectives 
Council of Graduate Schools Communicator: Volume 41, Number 1, January/February 2008, p. 4.
cgsnet.org/portals/0/pdf/comm_2008_01.pdf (Analysis of professional science masters and program evaluation) 

Helen Frasier: Campus; Internationalization and the Expanding Role of the Graduate Dean . 
Council of Graduate Schools Communicator: Volume 40, Number 9, November 2007.
(Internationalization of graduate education overview and professional master's degrees)

Diana Carlin. Responsible Conduct of Research: Lessons learned and Future Plans . 
Council of Graduate Schools Communicator: Volume 41, Number 2, March 2008.

Lewis M. Siegel. A Fresh Look at Ph.D. Education . 
Council of Graduate Schools Communicator: Volume 41, Number 4, May 2008.

Council of Graduate Schools Website for Preparing Future Faculty: