Diversity Management and Equity as Factors for Student Success

Further Reading

The Equality Challenge Unit

The Equality Challenge Unit provides HE-specific equalities guidance for UK institutions. They run a number of research projects each year to investigate key equalities issues for students and staff and recommend good practice. They also produce statistical reports and ‘equalities toolkits’ for institutions. These relate to academic and non-academic services.

Learning Reconsidered paper

This paper has inspired the approach to Student Support at the University of Brighton. It recommends embedded support within the curriculum where possible. Keeling, R, (2004) “Learning reconsidered: a campus-wide focus on the student experience”

Evolving diversity

An overview of equitable access to Higher Education in Europe.
Camilleri, A. F., & Mühleck, K. (2011), Brüssel: EquNet Konsortium.

Evolving diversity II.

Participation of students with an immigrant background in European Higher Education.
Camilleri, A. F., & Mühleck, K. (2013), Brüssel: EquNet Konsortium.

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