Dr. Sérgio Costa

Trained in Economics and Sociology in Brazil and Germany, Sérgio Costa has been since 2008 Professor of Sociology at Freie Universität Berlin. He is the director of the Institute of Latin American Studies at FU Berlin and co-director of the Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America (mecila.net), one of five research centres granted by the German Ministry of Education and Sciences (BMBF) for outstanding academic cooperation with the Global South. His areas of expertise are social inequalities, racism and anti-racism, coexistence in difference, and postcolonial theories.

He has published more than 100 articles and book chapters in leading academic journals and publishing houses in various languages. His recent books include: A Port in Global Capitalism (co-authored with Guilherme L. Gonçalves, Routledge, also available in Portuguese in Boitempo); Entre el Atlántico y el Pacífico Negro (Between the Black Atlantic and the Black Pacific, co-authored with Manuel Góngora y Rocío Vera, Vervuert, winner of the Iberoamericano Book Award 2021, conferred by the Latin American Studies Association); Entangled Inequalities: Conceptual Debates and Empirical Evidence from Latin America (co-edited with Elizabeth Jelin and Renata C. Motta, Routledge, also available in Spanish in Siglo XXI).