Mirja-Tytti Talib

Mirja-Tytti Talib, Ph.D., Adjunct professor (Department of teacher education /University of Helsinki (2000-present). Research interests: (student) teachers’ intercultural competence, experiences of Otherness and preparedness for diversity.

Related activities: Co-founder and director of Diverse teacher students’ program in Teacher education /HU (2002-2007). Co-planner of the Multicultural Teacher and Kindergarten Teacher Education programs at the U.H. (2008-2012). Project planner of trilateral project (2010-13) (Austria, Finland and Russia): Diversity as an Opportunity in St Petersburg. Partner in projects: EDIC Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship; University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht (2011-2013). NordForsk project DTDL Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners by University of Iceland (2011-2014).

Recent publications: Paavola, H., Talib, M-T. (submitted). Experiences of Otherness of Finnish student teachers. Dervin,F., Paavola, H., & Talib M-T (submitted). Analysing Otherness in Multicultural Teacher Education: What Can(not) be done. Paatela-Nieminen, M., Itkonen, T.; Talib, M-T (submitted). Reconstructing imagined Finnishness: The case of art education through the concept of places. Hosoya S., & Talib M-T. 2013. Teacher education in preparing student teachers for diverse classrooms. In H. Arslan & G. Raţă (Eds.) Multicultural education: From theory to practice, 205-224. London: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Hosoya, S.; Talib, M-T.; Arslan, H. 2013. Finnish, Japanese and Turkish pre-service teachers’ intercultural competence: The impact of pre-service teachers’ culture, personal experiences and education. In Comparative education between past, post and present. CESE. Rotterdam: Sense Publishing (in print). Published books in Finnish and English e.g. Talib, M-T et. al. (2009). Dialogs on diversity and global education. New York: Peter Lang.