Robyn Owens

Robyn Owens is currently Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training) at the University of Western Australia , where she has direct responsibility for academic and strategic leadership in all matters relating to Higher Degree by Research Training. She also serves of the executive of the national body of Deans and Directors of Graduate Schools and has taken a pro-active role in a number of national policy areas, including the doctoral examination process and the use of modern IT systems to enhance both the management of the programs and the student experience.

Originally trained as a mathematician, Robyn has a DPhil in Mathematics from Oxford and a number of years experience working in France and the US . Prior to her current position, she was Head of the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Western Australia . Her research in computer vision has focussed on understanding the geometric clues available from images that allow for the understanding of shape, object recognition, and eventually the semantics of the image content.

In her current role, Robyn also focuses on quality in research and research training and the ways in which quality can be assessed and measured.