Ann Marie VanDerZanden

Ann Marie VanDerZanden is Associate Provost for Academic Programs, a Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teacher, and Professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University. Her experience promoting excellence in higher education leadership is long established. She recently completed her term as the president of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture organization. She has presented original scholarly work on Creating an Inclusive Classroom to several regional and national audiences consisting of academic administrators and other higher education professionals. She is a Fellow of the American Society for Horticulture Science, an award-winning teacher, and co-author of three textbooks.

Associate Provost VanDerZanden’s purview includes providing leadership related to accreditation, diversity and inclusion in the classroom, distance education, international programs, and high impact practices. She is part of the enrollment management executive team and helps provide a pathway for students from admission to graduation.

Beginning in February of 2020, Dr. VanDerZanden chaired the university’s Academic Continuity Working Group which determined academic-related responses to the impacts of COVID-19 on
learning and teaching. She provided campus leadership to quickly develop and implement university strategy, policies, and processes amid the burgeoning pandemic. Currently, her focus has shifted to building a coordinated care network across campus through partnerships with college leadership, student affairs, mental health directors, and faculty. She is developing and implementing engagement and support strategies to enhance student resiliency and persistence as they navigate the post-COVID academic landscape.

Dr. VanDerZanden formerly served as Director of the ISU Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, where she led the center in meeting its mission to support, promote, and enhance
teaching effectiveness and student learning at Iowa State.